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Beginning Journey into “The Change”

Hello all,

I have recently learned that I am going into menopause aka “The change”.   I had really suspected this for a while now.  I do consider myself young to be going through this, I am only 42 and I was really not prepared to start this journey at my age.   My body on the other hand thought it was the perfect time to begin this stage in my life.

It all began almost two years ago….  My periods started getting all screwed up I would have 2 in one month or skipping a month.  It was really a confusing time for me emotionally and physically.  I could never tell or pinpoint when or if I would have a period.  I also started having really bad cramps.  I would have them when I wasn’t starting and even worse cramps when I was.  I was worried that I had something wrong with me so I went to my gynecologist they prescribed me hormones to see if it would help regulate my periods.  I decided not to take these pills, I know they are great for some people but I did not like the side effects for me.

After this experience my periods started getting kinda of regular again and I thought the worst was over and maybe it was all in my head thinking I might be going through “The change”.   I had downloaded an app on my phone so I could keep up with my periods and it would send a notification to me when I should be starting.  This app worked great for me to keep track of my periods and when they should be due and if I had a missed one.

Period Tracker, My Calendar

It had been nearly another year before I started having really big problems again.  I had missed over 3 periods and I was starting to get really worried.  I was having severe hot flashes at night.  I would wake up soaked occasionally and I purchased a fan to keep next to my bed to cool  me off.  Hot flashes wow.. never knew how bad these suckers was.  It literally felt like my whole body caught on fire from the inside.

Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan

Then I started having hot flashes on and off through out the day.  So when I was at my doctors office again I asked them if they could give me a test for menopause and explained to them why and the issues I had been having.  They drew my blood and sent it off to the lab for testing.  Well low and behold my results came back 1 week later and it said Menopause.  Oh! I am going through “The change”.

So I had just got these results and now I am in the process of deciding what I need to do next….and the emotional turmoil knowing this know..

So please join me next time for updates on my journey into “The change”

( I will also be adding tips, recommendations and helpful articles for this time in our life.)


925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud Dangle Pearl Earrings

Beautiful and Stunning Pearl Earringsearringscz1.jpg

These are very beautiful set of earrings and they are even more pretty in person. I had to wear them the same day that I received them because they went perfect with what I had on. They are just the right length no too long or short but perfect for me. I have very sensitive skin and I did not have any problems with them breaking me out or turning my ears green. These pretty earrings are well made and simply stunning. My earrings are silver plated and have very nice cubic zirconia diamond studs.
“I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.”

KojinTora Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set – Brew Single Cup Coffee Maker & Tea Strainer

Love my re-usable coffee filter & container

coffeefilter1.jpgI have never got to try using one of these before until now, but I have always wanted to try it out. This was so easy to use, all I did was put some water in my tea kettle to boil then I put the re-usable filter on top of my coffee cup, added a couple scoops of coffee, waited till my kettle whistled and poured the water over the coffee grounds and waited while it dripped into my coffee cup. This was very easy and simple to do and I realized while I was making my coffee that this little set-up was the perfect thing for me to take with us when we go camping also. The coffee canister that came with this set is really cute and the perfect size for me to keep my coffee grounds in. The coffee filter and scoop are made out of stainless steel and it also came with a cleaning brush for the filter.
“I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.”

IFLYING Eco-Friendly Bike Helmet Adjustable Lightweight for Men and Women

This Helmet is Great protection and fits my son’s head perfectly

bikehelemt2.jpgI got this helmet for my son because he has been doing a lot of bike riding this summer. He finally moved up to a bigger bike and he has had some accidents along the way. We bought him some knee, shoulder and elbow pads but haven’t had the chance to get the helmet. When I saw this one I knew he would really like it and he did. He said he loves his bikehelemt3.jpgnew helmet and I love the fact that he is more protected against anymore falls he might have while riding his bike. His helmet is really lightweight and has a detachable visor to help keep the sun out of his eyes. It also has a wind tunnel design which my son thinks looks really cool. I feel so much better now he is protected all the way around while out riding his bike.
“I received this helmet free in exchange for my honest review.”

MumsPrefer BPA Free Silicone Popcorn Maker with Recipe eBook – 2 Quarts


One of the best popcorn makers I have used

popcorn3.jpgLove making my own popcorn at home instead of buying the prepackaged stuff.  Buying the bags of popcorn kernels saves us a lot of money.  I like being able to control how much butter or seasonings go into my popcorn.  This silicone popcorn maker makes about 6 to 8 cups of popcorn at a time.  The food grade silicone popper is FDA approved, BPA free and heat resistant.  I use this in my microwave with no problems with it melting and no plastic smell.
Put about 1-1/2 tsp of butter in the popper throw it in popcorn4.jpgmicrowave for a few seconds then sprinkle with seasoning
Add how much popcorn you want
Pop it in the microwave again for about 2 min (depending on your microwave)
When it dings there is your popcorn
I always put a little extra something on mine whether it be powdered ranch, dill or cheese and shake it around to mix it up well.
This little popper is a great item to have in anyone’s home especially if you love popcorn like we do!

Unique and Very Nice Watch

Wonbee Bamboo Wood Watches for Men & Women,Cowhide Leather Strap,Bonus 2 Wood Bracelets,Packaged in Gift Box 

watch1.jpgwatch2.jpgI originally wanted to get one of these watches for me but I have a small wrist and the face of this watch was just a little bit too big for me. It is a lovely watch and it really disappointed me not to be able to wear it but I was planning on wearing it anyways. My husband though jumped at the opportunity to take it from me. He has been wearing it ever since, he loves the wood and leather look. It has kept time perfectly and is a very unique watch to own. He said it is one of the most comfortable watches he has owned. This is a really nice watch it has a wood face and a leather band on it. The wood is water resistant, but can not be submerged into water or you can not take a shower with it. This came in a nice gift box with two bead bracelets as a bonus. Which my daughter took off with as her own and will not give back to me.
“I received this wood watch free in exchange for my honest review.”watch4.jpg

Very Nice Tea Kettle, I am in Love with

Whistling Tea Kettle Pot With Heat Resistant Red Handle – 3.2 Liters

teakettle2.jpgI have been wanting/needing a tea kettle badly, because I love drinking hot tea. At night I like to make chamomile tea I also like drinking peppermint tea and earl grey tea. This tea pot is so nice and matches the color’s in my kitchen. I also love the diamond pattern on the kettle, when I am not using it I have it on display on my shelf in the kitchen. Easy to use I just fill it with how much water I need, put it on the stove eye and wait for it to whistle. My tea kettle has a safe grip heat resistant handle that will save me from burning my hands when I am in a hurry to grab the pot off the stove eye and a stainless pot.
“I received this tea kettle at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

Now I Can File My Solar Nails at Home in Between Salon Visits

Benair Professional Manicure/Pedicure Kit, Electric Nail File With Six Bits And Six Sanding Bands 

snapshot-2-9-6-2016-11-00-pm_editedGreat manicure kit for me to use at home. I really like having this manicure kit. I get my nails done at the salon but I am always too busy most of the time to go back after 2 weeks for the fill-in and have them filed down. Now I can do that at home and cut down on my visits to once a month or so. Plus my nails always grow out to long for me to be able to type and a regular nail file can not file my solar nails down. This kit on the other hand will take care of that issue in moments. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the file bit in it but of course I did not read the instructions first. After reading the instructions it was a breeze to get it all together and file my edges down on my nails. This set came with a drill shaft, power adapter, emery rod, five drill bits and six sanding bands.
“I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”


Great Little 8″ Ceramic Frying Pan

8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from 

(100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO Free)

fry pan1.jpgMy husband does most of the cooking around the house and he has been wanting one of these frying pans for a while now. The inside of my skillet has a honey comb texture to it and it seems to cook our food more even. It only needs about half the oil than a regular nonstick skillet would use and it was easy to clean. It is also a safe ceramic nonstick pan that will not leech any harmful chemicals into our food or into the air while we are cooking. The outside of my skillet is made of a heavy duty aluminum and it also has a silicone handle that is heat resistant. The skillet is PFOA, APEO, and PTFE free. My husband is really loving cooking with this and now he is looking for other cookware like this.
“I received this frying pan free in exchange for my honest review.”

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