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KojinTora Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set – Brew Single Cup Coffee Maker & Tea Strainer

Love my re-usable coffee filter & container

coffeefilter1.jpgI have never got to try using one of these before until now, but I have always wanted to try it out. This was so easy to use, all I did was put some water in my tea kettle to boil then I put the re-usable filter on top of my coffee cup, added a couple scoops of coffee, waited till my kettle whistled and poured the water over the coffee grounds and waited while it dripped into my coffee cup. This was very easy and simple to do and I realized while I was making my coffee that this little set-up was the perfect thing for me to take with us when we go camping also. The coffee canister that came with this set is really cute and the perfect size for me to keep my coffee grounds in. The coffee filter and scoop are made out of stainless steel and it also came with a cleaning brush for the filter.
“I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.”


MumsPrefer BPA Free Silicone Popcorn Maker with Recipe eBook – 2 Quarts


One of the best popcorn makers I have used

popcorn3.jpgLove making my own popcorn at home instead of buying the prepackaged stuff.  Buying the bags of popcorn kernels saves us a lot of money.  I like being able to control how much butter or seasonings go into my popcorn.  This silicone popcorn maker makes about 6 to 8 cups of popcorn at a time.  The food grade silicone popper is FDA approved, BPA free and heat resistant.  I use this in my microwave with no problems with it melting and no plastic smell.
Put about 1-1/2 tsp of butter in the popper throw it in popcorn4.jpgmicrowave for a few seconds then sprinkle with seasoning
Add how much popcorn you want
Pop it in the microwave again for about 2 min (depending on your microwave)
When it dings there is your popcorn
I always put a little extra something on mine whether it be powdered ranch, dill or cheese and shake it around to mix it up well.
This little popper is a great item to have in anyone’s home especially if you love popcorn like we do!

Very Nice Tea Kettle, I am in Love with

Whistling Tea Kettle Pot With Heat Resistant Red Handle – 3.2 Liters

teakettle2.jpgI have been wanting/needing a tea kettle badly, because I love drinking hot tea. At night I like to make chamomile tea I also like drinking peppermint tea and earl grey tea. This tea pot is so nice and matches the color’s in my kitchen. I also love the diamond pattern on the kettle, when I am not using it I have it on display on my shelf in the kitchen. Easy to use I just fill it with how much water I need, put it on the stove eye and wait for it to whistle. My tea kettle has a safe grip heat resistant handle that will save me from burning my hands when I am in a hurry to grab the pot off the stove eye and a stainless pot.
“I received this tea kettle at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

Great Little 8″ Ceramic Frying Pan

8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from 

(100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO Free)

fry pan1.jpgMy husband does most of the cooking around the house and he has been wanting one of these frying pans for a while now. The inside of my skillet has a honey comb texture to it and it seems to cook our food more even. It only needs about half the oil than a regular nonstick skillet would use and it was easy to clean. It is also a safe ceramic nonstick pan that will not leech any harmful chemicals into our food or into the air while we are cooking. The outside of my skillet is made of a heavy duty aluminum and it also has a silicone handle that is heat resistant. The skillet is PFOA, APEO, and PTFE free. My husband is really loving cooking with this and now he is looking for other cookware like this.
“I received this frying pan free in exchange for my honest review.”

Unique & Funny Wine Glass for My Collection

You Had Me At Merlot – Wine Glass

wineglass1.jpgI love collecting different wine glasses and this is one of the cutest ones I own now. It is the perfect size for me to pour a nice glass of wine in and not have to keep going back to fridge to fill up like I do with some of the smaller wine glasses I own. I love the uniqueness of this one with the saying on the front of it. Most of my wine glasses just have the vineyard name that I have visited on them so this glass is one of the first that is humorous to add to my collection. It is made of glass and it is just the right thickness so I do believe this one will not be as easy for me to break as others I have owned and I have already put it in my dishwasher several times and it comes out with no chips or cracks.
“I received this wine glass at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

Fits Containers, Bowls and Pans I Have No Lids For

0901161117.jpgSySrion Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers –

Set of 4-

Fits various sizes of cups, bowls, pans, or containers

These are pretty good suction lids for me to use to cover my food. Some of my bowls and pans did not come with lids, so these are handy for me to have. They seem to have a mysterious suction on them that holds on to the bowls I have used them with. It truly does baffle me how these lids work. I have tried them with stainless, glass and ceramic bowls and pans. These are also dishwasher safe which is a plus for me and reusable. I received a set of four, 5.9-inches, 7.9-inches, 10.3-inches and 11.9-inches they fit most of all the bowl and such I have.
“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.”

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