Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert Technology

bp2.jpgGreat blood pressure machine for me and my husband to keep track of our BP. My husband has had long term issues with his blood pressure and I have recently been put on medicine for it also. This machine is very easy to use and seems to be just as accurate as the arm cuff ones. We just strap it onto our wrist and press power button, then start button and wait for it to light up showing us our BP when it is done. I also shows you the color range of your blood pressure blue is normal, orange is pre-hypertension and red is hypertension. This machine also shows us our pulse rate and it will indicate if we have an irregular heart
beat when testing our BP. I can also push the bp3.jpgmemo button and it will show me mine or my husbands previous recorded BP reading or the scan button to display all of the previous records and it will save the last recent 1,197 measurements so me and my husband being two users can save around 590 readings each. It is also going to be a lot easier taking this one with us when we go on vacation than the old one we had.
“I received this digital blood pressure monitor free in exchange for my honest review.”