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Unique and Very Nice Watch

Wonbee Bamboo Wood Watches for Men & Women,Cowhide Leather Strap,Bonus 2 Wood Bracelets,Packaged in Gift Box 

watch1.jpgwatch2.jpgI originally wanted to get one of these watches for me but I have a small wrist and the face of this watch was just a little bit too big for me. It is a lovely watch and it really disappointed me not to be able to wear it but I was planning on wearing it anyways. My husband though jumped at the opportunity to take it from me. He has been wearing it ever since, he loves the wood and leather look. It has kept time perfectly and is a very unique watch to own. He said it is one of the most comfortable watches he has owned. This is a really nice watch it has a wood face and a leather band on it. The wood is water resistant, but can not be submerged into water or you can not take a shower with it. This came in a nice gift box with two bead bracelets as a bonus. Which my daughter took off with as her own and will not give back to me.
“I received this wood watch free in exchange for my honest review.”watch4.jpg


Vera Tote Shoulder Bag

A cute, giant carry it all tote

Vera Red Zig Zag Tote Shoulder Bag

I had no idea that this tote was going to be as big as it was. Don’t get me wrong I was surprised and I am very very happy with that. I carry large purses and I like to try and take everything I might need with me everyplace I go. My husband laughs at me when I’m leaving the house making sure I have everything I need stuck into my purse, because you just never know. This is perfect for me to pack my stuff I like to always keep with me and hopefully that will make my purse a lot lighter. Carrying around that much stuff really puts a strain on my shoulder and neck sometimes. This tote has a beautiful color of red in a zig zag pattern and has a zipper at the top to keep everything I shove inside of it from falling out. I packed my book, snacks, sweater and a few more odds and ends to take with me and my husband when we went on a little drive yesterday. I am going to try to keep it packed with necessities I usually need everyday and keep it in my car. So now I can have what I need and my car already looks a better with a lot less clutter.
“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”

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