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Great Organizational Charging Station

EasyAcc Double-deck Multi-device Charging Organization Station Dock Stand 

phone caddy2.jpgThis is very handy charging station that I really like and I am now thinking about getting my husband one too. I have mine on my night stand and I have everything I need setup with it. I have put my USB/plug charging power strip inside the magnetic compartment and all my USB cords coming out of the proper holes designated for them. Now I have my tablet, phone, alarm clock and USB light hooked up through this little gem. The best things that I love about phone caddy3.jpgthis is no cords visibly seen and all my devices have a place to be stored. I hate seeing a bunch of cords and that is what I did have beside my bed especially with all the USB charging devices I have. Now all my cords are neatly tucked out of sight and my power strip has a nice little spot to be hidden. It also has a drawer that I have stored all my extra USB cords and micro cards in which is another very handy feature for me.
“I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”


Lux Space Saving LED Desk & Table Lamp with USB Slot for Charging Phone

Lux LED® Dimmablelamp1.jpg

LED Desk & Table Lamp

Touch Sensitive Control

 7-Level Brightness & 5 Temperature Setting Color Modes- Includes USB Charging Port 

My lamp has a sleek look to it and the light on it is pretty bright when I have it turned all the way up. It has touch sensitive adjustable light pad on the base of the lamp. It starts at the power on button and goes all the way up to full power. I love how I can just swipe my finger across it until I get to the amount of light I want. I could not help but play with this feature on it swiping my finger back and forth watching the light get bright then dimmer. When I wanted to turn it of I just had to hold the power button and it would switch off. I also like the feature of being able to fold it down when not in use so it is not in my way, this is a great space saving feature for the small spot I have it in. It also has a USB slot in the back of it and I have been plugging my phone in it to charge. That is handy to have so now I do not have to carry my power brick to my phone into another room, I just bought me another USB cord for my phone and leave it plugged into the back of my lamp. The LED lamp is light and easy for me to carry to move from one spot to another when I need it.
“I received my LED desk and table lamp at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

I Can Have ALL My Gadgets Plugged In At Once

Power Strip with USB Port, REYEHO 2 AC Outlet with All in One Universal Traval Adapter Worldwide UK/AU/EU plugs, 3 Port 2.4A Smart USB Charger for iPhone, Laptop, iPad and More 3FT Cordpowerstrip1.jpg

I have been waiting to get a power strip that also had USB ports on it. This power strip is just what I wanted, it has three USB ports so I can plug my phone cable right into this instead of needing a brick for it. It has also kept me from having to unplug other cords from my outlet so I can plug up another phone or tablet so I could charge it. Now I can charge up to three with the USB ports and also have two extra plug ins to plug up my alarm clock and lamp. It has worked out for me perfectly and It is not big and bulky like normal power strips you buy at the store. It also came with a universal travel adapter so if we do any out of country traveling I will be bringing this with me.
“I received this power strip at a discount for my honest review.”


Classic Pillar Flameless LED Candles


Very nice, almost realistic flameless candle set

Calm-life Classic Pillar Real Wax Flameless LED Candles with Timer Feature


Couldn’t wait to get these candles to try them out and see how they looked in person because I love having candles on in my house. I put this set in my bathroom on the ledge of my garden tub. So now I can enjoy these while taking a nice calm soak in my tub with candle light. This is a really cute set of three pillar candles with LED lights. They have fake plastic wick pieces that move back and forth in the top of the candle that makes it kinda look like a real candle would when it is burning. A switch on the bottom of each candle so I can turn them on or off but they also have a timer that makes them automatically shut off. The auto shut off is great because I have a habit of leaving these type of candles on then I always have to go out and buy new batteries. They have the feel of real wax candles but will not burn anything like real candles would and are more safe to have in reach of my kids. Pretty nice candle set and they even came with batteries already in them.

Pros: Very pretty, The light flickers like real candles, Batteries was included, On / off switch and auto shut off
Cons: One of the three candles flickered a little faster than the other two

“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”


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