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Alarm clock with Hidden Camera & Motion Sensor Recording

Sappywoon Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Motion Detection Remote Control,8GB Micro SD Card Included

My alarm clock not only can wake me up in the morning but can also take pictures or video of any movement in my room. It has a motion detector and when it senses any kind of motion it will video it. It also has audio with the video which I think is really neat. It came with a free 8 GB micro SD card and when the micro SD card is full it will start recording over the old recordings. If you have the time synced up it will also put the date and time stamp on the video. So not only will I have the video, recording but also the day and time it took place. Mine came with a remote and a USB charging adapter also, no instruction manual but pretty easy to figure out.
“I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”


One of the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset

earmic3.jpgNaztech N750 Emerge Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Smartphones

This is one of the best bluetooth earbud set I have, so glad I got this one. The other two I own both have issues the one I never got to pair correctly with my phone so I was out of money there. The second one would lose power rather quickly and sounded like it had a bad connection. It would die before I would get home and I only have a 45 minute drive. This one paired up to my LG G4 quickly and with no problems. I am going to pair it up with my husband’s phone also because it can be paired up with two different devices. My bluetooth earbud set however has worked perfectly for me since I got it. It is comfortable in my ear and it did come with extra ear gel pieces with different size. I can push thearmic4.jpge microphone up and down to put the ear piece on and take it off so it will not be in my way or to keep me from breaking it. My husband say’s he can hear me better on this one and it has not died on┬áme yet in my 45 minute drive. Seem’s to keep a charge for longer periods than the other ones I have and the clarity in the microphone and ear piece are perfect. No more huh, what you say and accidental disconnections. It does come with a USB cord and car adapter for charging.
“I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

Smart Home Security Cameras

Makes my home feels more secure

Zmodo Wireless 720p HD Smart Home Security Cameras (2-Pack)

cameras3.jpgTook a little bit of work to get these cameras onto our wifi, but we finally got it going. I will admit we don’t have the best internet service sometimes in our area especially when it is at peak times. My husband did most of the work to get it going though, I was mainly moral support. We have the cameras up one pointed at our front door the other is pointed into
our dining room/ kitchen. We downloaded the app on to both of our phones so either one of us could access them. I think it is so neat that it will send us notifications on our phones when motion is detected and we have it saving the images on the cloud. I can also watch live feed from my phone no matter where I am at. The camera’s have 720p quality and 24 IR LED night vision up to 65 ft., they are also weather proof. So we might be moving one of them outside soon then we will be able to see whoever pulls into our driveway.
“I received this product at no cost for the purpose of testing and review.”

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