Hello all,

I have recently learned that I am going into menopause aka “The change”.   I had really suspected this for a while now.  I do consider myself young to be going through this, I am only 42 and I was really not prepared to start this journey at my age.   My body on the other hand thought it was the perfect time to begin this stage in my life.

It all began almost two years ago….  My periods started getting all screwed up I would have 2 in one month or skipping a month.  It was really a confusing time for me emotionally and physically.  I could never tell or pinpoint when or if I would have a period.  I also started having really bad cramps.  I would have them when I wasn’t starting and even worse cramps when I was.  I was worried that I had something wrong with me so I went to my gynecologist they prescribed me hormones to see if it would help regulate my periods.  I decided not to take these pills, I know they are great for some people but I did not like the side effects for me.

After this experience my periods started getting kinda of regular again and I thought the worst was over and maybe it was all in my head thinking I might be going through “The change”.   I had downloaded an app on my phone so I could keep up with my periods and it would send a notification to me when I should be starting.  This app worked great for me to keep track of my periods and when they should be due and if I had a missed one.

Period Tracker, My Calendar

It had been nearly another year before I started having really big problems again.  I had missed over 3 periods and I was starting to get really worried.  I was having severe hot flashes at night.  I would wake up soaked occasionally and I purchased a fan to keep next to my bed to cool  me off.  Hot flashes wow.. never knew how bad these suckers was.  It literally felt like my whole body caught on fire from the inside.

Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan

Then I started having hot flashes on and off through out the day.  So when I was at my doctors office again I asked them if they could give me a test for menopause and explained to them why and the issues I had been having.  They drew my blood and sent it off to the lab for testing.  Well low and behold my results came back 1 week later and it said Menopause.  Oh! I am going through “The change”.

So I had just got these results and now I am in the process of deciding what I need to do next….and the emotional turmoil knowing this know..

So please join me next time for updates on my journey into “The change”

( I will also be adding tips, recommendations and helpful articles for this time in our life.)