Love my re-usable coffee filter & container

coffeefilter1.jpgI have never got to try using one of these before until now, but I have always wanted to try it out. This was so easy to use, all I did was put some water in my tea kettle to boil then I put the re-usable filter on top of my coffee cup, added a couple scoops of coffee, waited till my kettle whistled and poured the water over the coffee grounds and waited while it dripped into my coffee cup. This was very easy and simple to do and I realized while I was making my coffee that this little set-up was the perfect thing for me to take with us when we go camping also. The coffee canister that came with this set is really cute and the perfect size for me to keep my coffee grounds in. The coffee filter and scoop are made out of stainless steel and it also came with a cleaning brush for the filter.
“I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.”