Whistling Tea Kettle Pot With Heat Resistant Red Handle – 3.2 Liters

teakettle2.jpgI have been wanting/needing a tea kettle badly, because I love drinking hot tea. At night I like to make chamomile tea I also like drinking peppermint tea and earl grey tea. This tea pot is so nice and matches the color’s in my kitchen. I also love the diamond pattern on the kettle, when I am not using it I have it on display on my shelf in the kitchen. Easy to use I just fill it with how much water I need, put it on the stove eye and wait for it to whistle. My tea kettle has a safe grip heat resistant handle that will save me from burning my hands when I am in a hurry to grab the pot off the stove eye and a stainless pot.
“I received this tea kettle at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”