EasyAcc Double-deck Multi-device Charging Organization Station Dock Stand 

phone caddy2.jpgThis is very handy charging station that I really like and I am now thinking about getting my husband one too. I have mine on my night stand and I have everything I need setup with it. I have put my USB/plug charging power strip inside the magnetic compartment and all my USB cords coming out of the proper holes designated for them. Now I have my tablet, phone, alarm clock and USB light hooked up through this little gem. The best things that I love about phone caddy3.jpgthis is no cords visibly seen and all my devices have a place to be stored. I hate seeing a bunch of cords and that is what I did have beside my bed especially with all the USB charging devices I have. Now all my cords are neatly tucked out of sight and my power strip has a nice little spot to be hidden. It also has a drawer that I have stored all my extra USB cords and micro cards in which is another very handy feature for me.
“I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”