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LED Desk & Table Lamp

Touch Sensitive Control

 7-Level Brightness & 5 Temperature Setting Color Modes- Includes USB Charging Port 

My lamp has a sleek look to it and the light on it is pretty bright when I have it turned all the way up. It has touch sensitive adjustable light pad on the base of the lamp. It starts at the power on button and goes all the way up to full power. I love how I can just swipe my finger across it until I get to the amount of light I want. I could not help but play with this feature on it swiping my finger back and forth watching the light get bright then dimmer. When I wanted to turn it of I just had to hold the power button and it would switch off. I also like the feature of being able to fold it down when not in use so it is not in my way, this is a great space saving feature for the small spot I have it in. It also has a USB slot in the back of it and I have been plugging my phone in it to charge. That is handy to have so now I do not have to carry my power brick to my phone into another room, I just bought me another USB cord for my phone and leave it plugged into the back of my lamp. The LED lamp is light and easy for me to carry to move from one spot to another when I need it.
“I received my LED desk and table lamp at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”