You Had Me At Merlot – Wine Glass

wineglass1.jpgI love collecting different wine glasses and this is one of the cutest ones I own now. It is the perfect size for me to pour a nice glass of wine in and not have to keep going back to fridge to fill up like I do with some of the smaller wine glasses I own. I love the uniqueness of this one with the saying on the front of it. Most of my wine glasses just have the vineyard name that I have visited on them so this glass is one of the first that is humorous to add to my collection. It is made of glass and it is just the right thickness so I do believe this one will not be as easy for me to break as others I have owned and I have already put it in my dishwasher several times and it comes out with no chips or cracks.
“I received this wine glass at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”