Power Strip with USB Port, REYEHO 2 AC Outlet with All in One Universal Traval Adapter Worldwide UK/AU/EU plugs, 3 Port 2.4A Smart USB Charger for iPhone, Laptop, iPad and More 3FT Cordpowerstrip1.jpg

I have been waiting to get a power strip that also had USB ports on it. This power strip is just what I wanted, it has three USB ports so I can plug my phone cable right into this instead of needing a brick for it. It has also kept me from having to unplug other cords from my outlet so I can plug up another phone or tablet so I could charge it. Now I can charge up to three with the USB ports and also have two extra plug ins to plug up my alarm clock and lamp. It has worked out for me perfectly and It is not big and bulky like normal power strips you buy at the store. It also came with a universal travel adapter so if we do any out of country traveling I will be bringing this with me.
“I received this power strip at a discount for my honest review.”