I will never go back to the pumice stone age

ETTG Electric Callous Remover and Shaver – Best Rechargeable Pedicure Foot Care File Tool – Remove Dead, Hard, Cracked Skin and Reduce Calluses on Feet in Just Seconds

callusremover1.jpgI have been needing one of these so bad because my heels are terrible. They are hard callused, tough and look awful with the thick white hard skin. The side of my big toe is the same way and I always go around barefoot or have sandals on all summer long (it can be kind of embarrassing). I’ve tried using pumice stones but I can never keep a grip on them like I have been able to with this electric callus remover and now I realize that pumice stones only worked half as well. I always used the pumice stone wet usually in the shower and this electric one can be used wet or dry. That is really nice that I can use this without having my foot wet or in the shower. I have used this a few times now and my husband has also been trying it out on his callused heels. He has commented on how well he likes it also and I have been able to get him to use it on my feet while I sat back relaxing, which was really nice. This thing is rechargeable too, thank goodness for that because the first time using it I ran it out of power and I had to recharge it to finish. Plus I always run out of batteries and forget to buy them while I am out at the store.
“I received this sample item for free in exchange for my honest opinion and unbiased consumer review.”