Very nice, almost realistic flameless candle set

Calm-life Classic Pillar Real Wax Flameless LED Candles with Timer Feature


Couldn’t wait to get these candles to try them out and see how they looked in person because I love having candles on in my house. I put this set in my bathroom on the ledge of my garden tub. So now I can enjoy these while taking a nice calm soak in my tub with candle light. This is a really cute set of three pillar candles with LED lights. They have fake plastic wick pieces that move back and forth in the top of the candle that makes it kinda look like a real candle would when it is burning. A switch on the bottom of each candle so I can turn them on or off but they also have a timer that makes them automatically shut off. The auto shut off is great because I have a habit of leaving these type of candles on then I always have to go out and buy new batteries. They have the feel of real wax candles but will not burn anything like real candles would and are more safe to have in reach of my kids. Pretty nice candle set and they even came with batteries already in them.

Pros: Very pretty, The light flickers like real candles, Batteries was included, On / off switch and auto shut off
Cons: One of the three candles flickered a little faster than the other two

“I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”